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Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School Relives the Warmth of Romance Movies

Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School is a 2005 remake of a short film of 1990. It is classed under the genre of romance movies and does not fail to give you the goose bumps that a typical romantic film does. The film uses dance a medium of expression and this art form is embraced to bring home the belief that we can achieve a lot by strength of will and determination. Moreover, dance is a powerful drug and it can result in ample benefits if one can face its challenges with a bold appearance. Frank Keene is a grieving baker who is in a sorry state. He commits a car accident. His victim, Steve Mills, who is perceptive and effusive, was headed to Pasadena to meet with a childhood acquaintance.

Steve requests Frank to visit the Marilyn Hotchkiss dance class on his behalf. Frank obeys Steve and goes looking for his acquaintance. The story oscillates back and forth in time including Steve’s childhood, the mishap and the consequence of Frank’s first hop. As one of the well-liked and appreciated romance movies, this one is featured with roads not taken, loneliness, black eyes, the typical behavior of men and heart-touching farewells. Another important aspect of the film is group therapy which is signified through the Hotchkiss dance class. This is a place where couples come together and find self-expression.

Dance is a healing art form and this has its effects not only on Steve, but on Frank as well. It is about two lonely hearts wanting to connect with each other and the victory of love over death. Even when Steve’s heart monitor shows a flat graph, it is Frank’s earnest plea to keep him talking that keeps him alive. Frank even agrees to visit the Marilyn Hotchkiss reunion to help Steve maintain his appointment that was made 40 years back. The director shows the audience that there is no better way for lonely hearts to connect than dancing. The movie Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School can be described as a charming introduction to dance, bordering on valentine themes.

Like most romance movies, the film acts as a bridge for broken and lost souls like Frank who is extremely grievous after the demise (or suicide) of his wife. The star casting is led by the very British Robert Carlyle the widower. He believes in fulfilling the wishes of a dying man (which is to find his long lost love) and for this he shows up at the Marilyn Hotchkiss dance class on a Thursday night. Carlyle gets into the skin of his character by playing a man who is at times embarrassed, surprised, sincere, and affectionate. He is entirely credible as a character overwhelmed with grief, but at the same time, hopes to spring back into life.

It happens that the dance class, headed by the dramatic Mary Steenburgen, is the key to his rebirth. Marisa Tomei, along with most of the other characters, plays a character who yearns for something and someone – the perfect someone. Carlyle gives winning performances on the waltz and Lindy Hop to find his way back into the arms of love again.

Savor Romance Movies with Marilyn Hotchkiss

Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School falls into the category of romance movies. The modern version of Marilyn Hotchkiss was made in 2005, after taking inspiration from the short film which was produced in 1990. Created by the co-writer and director Randall Miller along with Jody Savin his wife, the beautiful movie celebrates spiritual regeneration. The star cast is compiled to narrate an emotional and unabashed story about love, life and destiny. Frank Keane (portrayed by Robert Carlyle) is a man who is in a state of depression since the demise of his wife.

Frank happens to come across an accident one day while he was driving. He investigates the incident to check whether he can help in any way and comes across John Goodman a dying man. He tells Frank he was about to visit a dance class to reunite with the love of his life. This man, Steve, had promised Lisa when he was aged 8 that they were to meet on 5th of May, 2005 at the Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School. At 48, Steve is rushing down as abandoned highway for the rendezvous. This is when his car crashes with a bakery truck, which Carlyle is driving.

Frank dials 911, encouraging Steve to hang on. He even helps him reach the hospital and stays there with him. Steve is encouraged to stay talking by Frank, and he keeps saying that the appointment was made around 40 years ago. Throughout the movie, Steve keeps talking, relating the story of Lisa and his relationship and what happens in their dance class at Marilyn Hotchkiss School. Sometimes, his heartbeat gets irregular and the heart monitor goes flat. But then, Frank keeps barraging Steve with questions and the monitor beeps once more, leading Steve to share yet another anecdote with Frank.

Frank is a grieving person himself since for unexplained reasons his partner has committed suicide. As is typical in romance movies, he makes a promise to Steve that he will visit the Marilyn Hotchkiss dance school for the reunion to find Lisa, which he does. Shyly, he approaches the women, but it seems Lisa has not taken the appointment seriously as Steve. In the meanwhile, Frank runs into Randall Ipswitch (played by Donnie Wahlberg) and is warned to stay off Meredith Morrison (played by Marisa Tomei), his half-sister. An angry Randall gives 4 flat tires to Frank’s bakery truck.

The adult characters in the reunion at Marilyn Hotchkiss School are enacted by several wonderful actors. Marisa Tomei plays an adorable kindhearted Meredith, who in spite of her brother’s warnings, sees the broken heart of Frank and tries to cure it. Finally, there is Lisa who is meant for Steve. The flick is by all means one among the many romance movies which the audience would love to see. The plot is credible and the characters impressive. In short, it can be said that Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School is a movie you can watch if you are lovelorn or are thinking about your lover. Happy viewing!

Poker Stars Playing Styles

There are four very distinct playing styles at poker stars and once you can pick up on the style that your opponents plays you’ll be able to play better against them. It’s also good to know what playing style you fall under so that you know if you need to switch your playing style or improve upon your current style. You’ll find that there are some benefits for each playing style, but when weighed out there are some styles which are better then other styles and that’s what we’re going to look at throughout this article.

Loose/Aggressive Player

The loose/aggressive player is a very tough opponent to play against because they commonly play a lot of hands and it’s hard to pick up a read on them. A loose/aggressive player will play a lot of pots and often will raise the pots instead of flat calling opponents. These opponents are great to trap when you have the nuts, but they also will scare you off marginal hands when you’re winning the hand due to there large bets. You’ll need to pick your battles against a loose/aggressive player, but with some good decision making you should be able to trap your opponent and take them for there money.

Tight/Aggressive Player

A tight aggressive player at is much easier to pick-up a read on because they only bet strong when they have a hand. A lot of players at fall under this category and they should work on moving towards of a more loose/aggressive player. Playing too tight will only let your opponents know how you bet and then they won’t call you when you make a big bet. If you mix your bets up a bit like the loose/aggressive players then you’ll have a better chance of being paid off when you hit a monster hand.

Loose/Passive Player

A loose/passive player isn’t a playing style you really want to be categorized under. These players like seeing flops and even the river, but once the big bets come out they will usually quickly fold unless they have the nuts. This style costs a lot of money because you pay to see to many flops and you don’t win enough pots because you’re scared of making the call on a big bet.

Tight/Passive Player

A tight/passive player shouldn’t win much money at most poker tables either because they simply bet when they have the nuts. They rarely play any hands and when they do play a hand they have a monster hand which they usually try to trap opponents. If a tight/passive player is calling your bets then you can bet they have something good so be careful. You shouldn’t lose much to this playing style because there so easy to read and you should know when they have a good hand.

I feel the best playing style is the loose/aggressive although you can’t be too aggressive. Play Poker in the middle of being loose and tight, but always remain aggressive. It’s better putting pressure on your opponents to force them to make the big decision. When you feel you’re beat make sure you fold your hand though and don’t keep pushing at the pot to try and steal it. You won’t win every pot, but when you do lose you want to keep it to a minimum so that when you win you have profits.

Why We Want to Get Back to Romance Movies like Marilyn Hotchkiss

Nothing can be more relaxing than good romantic movies. This is perhaps why films like Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing & Charm School are so popular because it allows you to plunk down on your couch and make the most of the romance in the movie. Even when everything is perfect in our life, this is a film which you can watch more than once, irrespective of the preoccupations you have at hand. The film introduces us to the intangible aspects of love and makes us experience the emotions even when we do not have anything much to do. The film offers us a chance to spend a few hours and get in touch with the innumerable people who shared the experience of viewing the same film.

While there cannot be any given formula for directing romantic movies, Randall Miller’s Marilyn Hotchkiss capitalizes on chance encounters bordering on the fateful, broken hearts and the wheel of destiny. While there is no set formula of making a romance movie, the latter contains an element of mystery. However, something that can be called a characteristic feature of the film is its array of powerful characters. The movie is a remake of a short film of 1990, which has its fragments interwoven throughout. Frank Keane is the person responsible for a car accident which injures Steve Mills.

The person Steve Mills is admitted to the hospital where he is urged to keep talking by the doctors. This is Frank’s job and he agrees to visit the Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing & Charm School to fulfill Steve’s promise to his childhood love. The promise was made 40 years ago and this is what makes the romantic movie different from the rest of the movies in the genre. Frank played by Robert Carlyle is a strong character. In all his embarrassment and vigor, Carlyle is believable, which makes him relatable to the audiences.

The bets thing about the romantic movies is that the characters are like us, human beings, with their flaws and imperfections. This is what makes them dear to the audiences who can place themselves in their position and experience their feelings. By going through their experiences, we start loving them. By virtue of the real human situations and experiences, audiences of Marilyn Hotchkiss are driven and look forward to how the rest of the story unfolds. Even when the plot is essentially romantic, there is an element that is inseparable from the movie and unique to it.

The star cast of John Goodman, Robert Carlyle and Marisa Tomei lends credibility to the movie. The characters of Marilyn Hotchkiss actually weave together a magic which contributes to creating a superb movie event which makes people watch it time and again. The events remind us about how love can be a winning and genuine experience and the magic halo it bears. Even when they dramatize things under the shade of romance, the romantic movies contain some truth which makes people associate with them. While romance films are a great escape, they are also our connection with love and its reality.

Tips for Chasing Draws in Poker

When you play Texas Holdem you’re going to run into many hands where you have a straight draw or a flush draw and you’re going to need to decide whether or not you want to chase after the draw. When it comes down to chasing draws in Holdem you simply need to make sure you do the proper math. You need to find out the probability of hitting your draw and you also need to figure out whether or not you’re getting the right pot odds to stay in the hand.

* Figuring out the probability of hitting a flush or straight is really simple. You simply need to figure out how many cards are left in the deck that will make your draw hit and divide that number by the amount of cards that you haven’t seen. For instance, if you’re holding two clubs in your hand and two clubs come on the flop then you need to do the following. You simply need to divide 9 into 47 to figure out the probability of hitting your flush.

* Once you have calculated the probability of hitting your draw on you need to calculate the pot odds you’re getting. You only need to figure out the pot odds if somebody makes a bet. If you’re sitting with a four card flush draw after the flop and your opponent bets $20 into a $50 pot then you should fold unless you think you’re opponent has nothing. If your opponent were to have bet $20 into a $200 pot though then you should always make the call and try chasing after your flush draw.

* You’re going to have more flush and straight draws in Holdem then you can probably imagine. There is no way that you can possibly chase after every draw you have because it just wouldn’t be feasible. You need to make sure you’re getting the right odds to chase the draw, but you also need to use your gut feeling sometimes. Just because you’re getting the right odds to make a call doesn’t make it the right call. If your gut is telling you to fold your hand then you should go with your gut very single time. The second you start second guessing yourself is the second that you need to stop playing poker.

* You should only chase flush draws when you have a four card flush draw on the flop. If you don’t have at least a four card flush draw then you’re better off just folding your hand. When you’re chasing after a straight draw you should only chase if you have an open ended straight draw such as J-10-9-8. If you have an inside straight draw such as a 9-8-7-5 you should just fold your hand.

There is definitely money to be made by chasing, but at the same time there is a time and a place for chasing hands. You need to be selective about the hands you chase. If you have a low flush draw then you could potentially lose the hand to a higher flush draw so you might not even want to chase after your flush draws unless you’re drawing for the nuts or close to the nuts.

Razz Poker Guide

Razz poker isn’t that popular of a poker game, but it has continued to grow thanks to online poker rooms offering the game to their players. The best online poker rooms to play razz poker are PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker as they always have a range of cash games and tournaments running for razz poker players. If you know how to play seven card stud then you’ll already have a head start since the rules to the game are almost identical. The only difference between seven card stud and razz poker is that the goal in razz is to have the lowest hand, rather then the highest hand.

If you’ve never played razz poker before it’s a good idea to read through the rules so you know what’s going on at the table while you’re playing. A good way to learn the game is by playing for play money initially as it’ll allow you to learn from your mistakes without costing you anything. To start each hand in razz every player is dealt three cards with one of them being dealt face-up. You should generally fold all of your starting hands where you don’t have three cards under 8. Once in awhile you can try stealing the pot when you have a low face-up card, but other then that you really need to be patient in razz.

Even when you’re dealt three good cards to start the hand it doesn’t mean that you’re going to end up with a good hand. A lot of razz poker is based on the luck of the cards you’re dealt and therefore a lot of the game is based on your ability to steal the pot from your opponents. As long as your face-up cards are the lowest on the table then you’re going to have a great chance at being able to take the pokerstar pot whether you have a good hand or not.

One thing I’ve noticed after playing razz poker for awhile now is that you should really be careful about slow playing your hand unless you have the nuts. When you think you’re winning the hand or you think you can take the pot down you should always make sure you make a bet. Razz poker can also be a really loose game with lots of back and forth betting. If you end up sitting on a loose table then the best thing to do is play tight. You should be able to pick up a couple big hands where you can win some money and if you have a tight table image it will also allow you to make a few bluffs every now and then.

One last quick tip that I want to leave you with is to be careful with pairs in your Poker Star hand. You can win the hand with a pair in your hand, but it doesn’t happen very often so generally you should just fold these types of hands. Razz poker can be a very fun game to play, but if you aren’t careful it can also hurt your bankroll. The action is generally fast paced and there is a lot of money to be won if you can master this poker game. The traffic for razz poker throughout the online poker rooms is growing on a daily basis and you should always be able to find a game.

Best Women Poker Players

Poker is a game that is dominated by men, but that doesn’t mean that women don’t enjoy playing poker. More and more women have started to play poker whether it is in the casino or online. A lot of women have found that playing online is better because they can remain anonymous while they’re playing. Over the years there have been many professional women poker players, but since we can’t talk about them all we’ll only look at some of the best women poker players.

Jennifer Harman

* Jennifer Harman is one of the most popular poker players in the world. She is always making television appearances on many of the poker shows plus she’s a great player. Harman has won two WSOP bracelets in her career and has won over $2 million from tournaments alone. When Jennifer isn’t competing in the world’s biggest poker events she will typically be playing poker at Full Tilt Poker or in Las Vegas at the high limit cash games.

Annie Duke

* Annie Duke is well known for being on the Celebrity Apprentice which for those of you that don’t know is a reality show where contestants fight for a job with Donald Trump. Annie Duke is also an ambassador for along with Hellmuth. Duke has earned millions from playing poker over her career and she has also done a great job securing her future through sponsorships and book deals. Howard Lederer who is a famous poker player as well is Annie Duke’s brother. Lederer is actually the reason why Annie started playing poker in the first place.

Vanessa Rousso

* Vanessa Rousso has been playing poker professionally for about five years now and has made many appearances at the top of the leaderboard in some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. Rousso has played poker on several television shows and she is also a very active player on PokerStars. Rousso has been playing lots of poker still and has been having some great finishes over the past few months.

Annette Obrestad

* Annette Obrestad has been playing poker since she was just a teenager. She played throughout some of the online poker rooms and built her bankroll by winning freeroll tournaments. She turned nothing into millions because she is now one of the best young poker players in the world. Obrestad is very good at playing in large multi-table tournaments and doesn’t play in many cash games. Annette is the youngest poker player in the world to win a WSOPE event which is a massive accomplishment. There is no doubt that in a few more years Annette will be the number one women poker player to ever play the game.

If you’re a woman and you’re looking to play online poker then you should definitely give it a try. You can even start playing for free by entering into freeroll tournaments. A freeroll tournament doesn’t cost money and it gives you the chance to win money if you place near the top. Thousands of women play online poker everyday and there are more joining on a daily basis as well, so why not give it a shot to find out if you like it?

Bounty PKR Poker Tournament Strategy

Bounty poker tournaments started growing in popularity when the big online poker rooms started offering them in their poker rooms. Since then bounty poker tournaments have been appearing in many of the major live poker events around the world and it seems like this tournament is going to be around for awhile. If you’ve never played in a bounty poker tournament we’re going to quickly describe how to play them below.

What is a Bounty Tournament?

A bounty poker tournament is the same as any regular poker tournaments except for one small difference. In this type of poker tournament part of your buy-in will go towards the prize pool and the rest of your buy-in will go towards your bounty. Every single player will have the same bounty and the goal is to knock out players. If you knock a player out of the tournament you’ll automatically win their bounty and it will be credited to your account immediately after knocking the player out.

Bounty Tournament Strategy

* Since you earn money for knocking out other players in the tournament you need to be willing to make the big play when it comes time. A lot of players don’t like risking their chips before the flop, but in this type of tournament a lot of the hands will be all-in preflop. Many of the players that compete in bounty poker tournaments like to gamble and that’s why they play this style of tournament.

* You want to try and make sure that you get an early start in these tournaments so that you have more chips then the other players on your table. The reason this is important in a bounty poker tournament is simple. If you were to be in an all-in hand with another player and they have 100 more chips then you, you won’t be able to knock them out of the tournament if you win the hand. You might gain some chips, but you won’t receive the bounty since you didn’t knock the player out of the tournament.

* Since there is still a large prize pool to be won in most cases for the players and finish at the top of the tournament you want to begin to play carefully near the bubble. In the early stages of the tournament you should try to win some bounties, but as you near the bubble you should start playing for the prize pool rather then the bounties. Most players will still be chasing bounties so it’ll allow you to move up the leaderboard at a quick pace even if you aren’t playing many hands.

* One other thing that is also really important in bounty poker tournaments is keeping your emotions in check. I have lost many of these tournaments on some of the worst bad beats possible, but that is the risk you take by gambling in these types of tournaments. You’ll win a large percentage of the time when you have the best hand, but at the same time be prepared to take some bad beats.

Bankroll Management Tips

One of the most important things that you need to do as a poker player is manage your poker bankroll. If you’re unable to manage your bankroll properly you’re going to run out of money a lot quicker then you made the money. The number one reason why online poker players don’t last is because they don’t manage their bankroll at all and end up busting their stacks completely. Below are some simple bankroll management tips that every single poker player should follow.

* The first tip that you need to follow when managing your bankroll is to setup an account and play within your limits. Often poker players will simply play out of their comfort zone and this causes them to go broke. You should only try increasing the limits that you play once you have played a sufficient amount of hands at your current level. There are several online poker tools that track your stats so it isn’t hard to find out how well you’re performing at your current stakes.

* One thing that plenty of poker players overlook is that poker is a game that needs to be played seriously at all times. The second you stop focusing on playing poker you should take a break from the game. Although you’re only playing with chips at the poker table it’s still real money and you can’t just throw it away because of emotions or anything like that.

* Playing poker is very fun, but as you begin playing more and more you might end up losing that fun factor. If you’re losing interest in the game you need to take an extended break before you end up wasting your bankroll. You also need to always make sure that you don’t place poker as the number one thing in your life. Poker can become addicting, but from experience I can tell you that not many gambling addicts succeed at playing poker. You should play short sessions with breaks every hour plus you should make sure you get out to places like the gym.

* Whether you’re a cash game player or a tournament player you’ll always want to switch up what you play every once in awhile. Playing in tournaments can be boring after playing them everyday for months and you might want to try out some cash games. The problem with this is that cash games are completely different then tournaments and if you’re not prepared to make changes to your game it can cost you a lot of money. Typically I set aside some profits for playing cash games when I don’t feel like playing tournaments and if I lose the amount I set aside then I go back to grinding tournaments.

* One of the main reasons why people go broke is because they can’t control their emotions at the poker table. If you’re on tilt you need to have the power to walk away from the poker tables and refocus yourself. If you sit at the table when you’re on tilt it generally only results in you losing more chips then you had already lost before going on tilt. The players that know when to walk away from the poker table are the ones that last more then a couple months.