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Conceptualization, planning, and building of electronic files that put into consideration the layout, colors, text, structure, style, graphics and interactive features sum up the qualities of a professional web design. This is something I learned when I wanted to launch an online presence for my geothermal drilling company and led icicle lights stpre, and later Bathroom Takeaway my online e-commerce store. Web design is a process that encompasses different skills and discipline to come up with great websites and help in their maintenance. The essence of web design involve, web graphic design, designing of the website interface, authoring, and search engine optimization among other factors. Websites can be designed through off-the-shelf software such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage as well as other online website design tools that come with pre-set or customizable templates to customize your website to your desire. However, if you do not know how to use any of these, then you can always hire a professional like Graeme Winchester or those who run http://soapagency.co.uk to do the work for you.

What to expect from a great web design

It is important to understand the characteristics that make or break the success of online investment. Peter Monroe runs a bjj gi store online and notes “Unattractive and poorly built website will do more harm to your business than help it. So be sure that you invest a little more to represent your business how you want your clients to see it.” A professional website should have the following components:

Customer satisfaction: a professional web design will meet the needs of your visitors; it should quickly guide visitors around the site without confusing design items. The navigation on the website should be user friendly, predictable, consistent and easy to understand.

Jim Parson has a paving contractors firm and notes “Attract search Engines: no matter how appealing the web site design looks, it will not show on search engine results if it is not optimized to show. The website should be coded in a way that it is legible to search engines.”

No technical glitches: it takes less time to send a customer away when the website suffers technical problems. These include, slow loading, broken links and dropped images.

A website that reaches out to customers and search engines serves an important double purpose that greatly impacts the online sales.